New Memberships are presently limited due to COVID-19. Read on to learn more about Membership and to get on the waitlist.

Alder Commons Members

Anyone who wants to regularly spend time at Alder Commons should consider becoming a Member! Some Members are only around twice a month, and others come most days of the week. Some Members join as a household, and others sign up individually.

Alder Commons also hosts events that are open to the public, which non-Members are welcome to attend.

Membership Benefits

All Members gain access to…

  • Unlimited Alder Commons classes, workshops, and clubs.
  • Amenities
    • Workshop with woodworking tools, art supplies, and room to make a creative mess
    • Community Kitchen
    • Library with books galore
    • Coworking Space (additional fee for reserving a desk)
    • Play and Imagination Room
    • Outdoor Adventure Playground
    • Reservable rooms
    • On-site bike and car parking
  • Alder Commons Community Events
    • Speaker Series
    • Movie Screenings
    • Trainings on Equity & Social Justice
    • Craft Markets
    • Other Pop-up Events
  • A community of Members who align with our core values
  • Discounts from local business partners

Sliding Scale Pricing

In order to ensure access for all community members, our price suggestions are set to a sliding scale. You can use the widget below to see the suggested membership price for you or your family.

Your suggested monthly membership fee is...
However, we recognize that household income is unable to capture a wide variety of financial situations that may affect your ability to pay. We are committed to making Alder Commons open to potential members regardless of their ability to pay. If our suggested price is beyond your means, please come and talk to us!

Background Checks

Alder Commons is an all-ages learning center, which means that we have adults and young people alike in many shared spaces. To ensure a safe environment for our younger members, we require that all Members who are 18 years or older be enrolled in the Office of Child Care’s Central Background Registry.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in becoming a member, fill out the form below to get on our waitlist. We can schedule a meeting to show you the facilities, share more about our long-term vision, and answer any questions you may have.

Join the Waitlist

Alder Commons is not a Membership Corporation. Alder Commons Members do not have official voting or governing duties.