We just moved into our building at 42nd and Prescott in NE Portland! Unfortunately, everything is on pause given the current situation with COVID-19.

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Alder Commons is a community space where kids and adults alike can attend workshops & classes, and spend their time freely. Our members are coworkers, makers, and learners of all ages. Soon, we'll offer drop-off programs after school and during summer, as well as a full-time option for young people to attend as an alternative to school.


Do you work remotely? Are you an artist in need of shared workspace and/or studio space rental? Are you an entrepreneur or do you run your own small business? Are you looking for family-friendly coworking?

Learn more about our Coworking.


Are you and your family looking to connect more with your community? Do you want to take classes and workshops?

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We think it’s important for people of all ages to connect with their community and to develop and explore their passions. While we offer coworking and classes, we are not a coworking space or a school.

Read about our Philosophy.


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