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We will offer a wide variety of ways for community members to be involved in the space, both during the day and in the evening. It’s important to note that Alder Commons does not require participation in classes, workshops, clubs, or events. Just “hanging out” is great!

All classes, workshops, and clubs are open to all ages, though some may have a set of expectations for participants. For example, a Creative Writing Workshop might have basic literacy as a requirement. Accordingly, we might find an 8-year-old and a 38-year-old working on their writing side-by-side.


Classes will take place across multiple sessions. They may revolve around typically academic subjects such as History and Algebra, or other topics such as Basic Woodworking and Graphic Design.


Workshops are one-time learning opportunities. They may cover topics like Bread-Making, Attachment Parenting, Sewing, etc.


Clubs are self-organized around interests held by members of the community. They may include things like Chess Club, Video Game Club, Gardening Club, Skateboarding Club, etc.

Already-existing groups (Book Clubs, Meetup Groups, PDX Flying Squad, etc.) may also be able to use our space to meet if they are hosted by an Alder Commons Member.

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