Due to a burst pipe from the extreme cold, Alder Commons is temporarily closed to non-Members as we work on repairs.
Debido a que estalló una tubería por el frío, Alder Commons estará cerrado a los no-miembros mientras se realizan reparaciones.

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The woodshop here at Alder Commons is a resource for both our Members and the community in general. Our Woodshop Manager, Nathalie FitzSimons, is currently working to transform the woodshop into a maker’s space with more art supplies, fabric arts equipment, and potentially some digital fabrication tools… let us know your thoughts!

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Some of our Members join our Shop Stewards for Open Hours to learn the safe use of the tools and work on projects of their own. This is also a space where we host open-to-the-public woodworking & art classes, as well as events with our partner organizations such as a woodworking repair station during Repair Cafes with Repair PDX.

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We’re also currently working to train and bring on more Shop Stewards to teach woodworking and art classes here in the space! Please email Nathalie and/or let us know about a class you'd like to facilitate!

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If you plan on using the shop, please wear closed-toe shoes and clothing that you can move in/you don’t mind getting covered in sawdust. Since everything in the shop has the potential to hurt you, failure to respect the tools, your peers, and yourself will result in Staff asking you to leave the shop space.

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We’ve got a wide variety of hand and power tools that we can teach you how to use!

Power Tools

Dust collection * Table Saw * Chop Saw * Band saw * Planer * Jointer * Drill press * Router table * Jig saw * 3D Printer * Bench grinder * Cordless drills and impact driver * Heat gun * Trim router * Belt and orbital sanders * Air compressor * Pneumatic stapler & brad nailer

Hand Tools & misc

Hammers * Screwdrivers * Hand saws * Files * Rasps * Socket sets and allen keys * Drill bits * Stud finder * Hand planes * Draw knives * Extension cords * Pipe clamps and quick clamps * Glue * Wood finishes/stains * Caulking gun/caulk