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We welcome new potential partnerships with people and organizations to facilitate interesting programs. Programs may be as minimal as a single one hour zoom meeting, and can be as involved as a recurring multi-hour in-person meeting. Ideally, we’ll schedule a program at least a month in advance, but some exceptions can be made!

Link to this section Core Values Alignment

All of the programs we host must align with some of our organization’s core values:

To get a sense of how our core values influence our facilitation, check out our Facilitation Guide.

Link to this section Types of Programs

Some examples of programs we’ve offered in the past:

  • Cooking Classes
  • Mycology Classes
  • Art Classes
  • Gaming Meetups
  • Book Clubs
  • Interest-Based Clubs
  • Discussion Groups
  • Racial Justice Action Meetups

Programs we don’t host:

  • Religious programs
  • Programs promoting a political candidate
  • Programs involving drugs or alcohol

Link to this section Constraints

In some instances, we may require a minimum number of program registrations by a certain date. If this minimum is not met, we may cancel the program. These details will be worked out with the facilitator before scheduling the program. Please read our COVID Policy, as our policy might be different from other organizations.