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Alder Commons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community space where kids and adults alike attend workshops and classes, and spend their time freely. A multigenerational and multicultural community, we practice and promote our Core Values of Self-Determination, Collective Liberation, and Community Support.

All of the 15+ programs that we host every week are either free or offered with sliding-scale fees. Our 300+ Members use our space as an affordable office alternative, as a space to play and learn, as their artist studios, and even as a place to run their food-based businesses. Members include coworkers, artists, organizations, families, and self-directed learners of all ages. Over a dozen other nonprofits are part of the community as Organizational Members.

Our mission is to cultivate an equitable, all-ages community of self-directed learners. We aim to reduce barriers between youth and adults of diverse backgrounds by providing an accessible and inclusive space for them to share knowledge and resources.