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The kitchen space at Alder Commons is a community space that is available for Members to reserve for their own use, and for hosting a variety of open-to-the-public cooking and herbalism classes.

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All kitchen programs are community-based, and run by those interested in hosting a program, or requested by someone interested in learning more about a certain topic. Our cooking and herbalism classes have included:

  • Spice up your life: a joyful cooking series
  • BIPOC Meal Share
  • Medicine Making Gatherings
  • Mighty Nourishing Soups

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop or class in the Alder Commons kitchen, please let us know!

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The Alder Commons Kitchen is certified by both Multnomah County and the Oregon Department of Agriculture, which allows our Members to cook food on-site to be sold off-site. Though it is not a commercial kitchen, it is home to many commercial appliances and other cooking staple items including the following:

  • 6 burner gas range stove and oven
  • NSF steel top tables for cooking and processing
  • Freezer
  • Fridge
  • Dishwasher and 3-basin wash sinks
  • Foundational cooking tools like pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, cookie pans, etc.
  • Other small appliances like blenders, standing mixer, instant pot, air fryer, and more!
  • Staple cooking ingredients like oils, vinegars, spices, legumes, grains, baking, etc.