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Link to this section Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

If we have specific volunteer events already on our calendar, they’ll be listed here.

Link to this section Facilitate a Class/Club/Workshop

Do you have an interest that you’d like to share with others? Consider hosting a program either online or in-person, paid or volunteer. All types of people can host programs, you don’t need to be over 18 or have previous experience facilitating. Remember, everyone’s a student and everyone’s a teacher!

Link to this section Backyard Garden

The AC backyard has lots of raised garden beds that could be used for cultivating food for our neighbors! We’re looking for someone to spearhead the garden project, seek donations of seeds and plants from local garden stores, and also seek donations of irrigation supplies. There’s room here for other gardening-related programming and projects, too!

Link to this section Library Project

One of the rooms at Alder Commons will be a dedicated library and quiet space. We are looking to develop a decolonized and deschooled collection of books, and we need your help! Our librarians will help expand our crowd-sourced library wishlist, order books from local bookstores like Third Eye Books, think about creative ways to categorize the books, and inventory them once they’re acquired.

Link to this section Grant Research

We have all sorts of projects and initiatives that we’ll need help funding in the future, and we need help researching possible grantors.

Link to this section Translation Services

If you are fluent in a language that has many speakers in the Portland metro area (Spanish, Vietnamese, Cantonese, etc.), we could use your help to translate some of our written resources to reduce barriers to access.

Link to this section Other Ideas

We’re always open to other ideas, as well, so feel free to email us with ways in which you can see yourself getting involved!