Due to a burst pipe from the extreme cold, Alder Commons is temporarily closed to non-Members as we work on repairs.
Debido a que estalló una tubería por el frío, Alder Commons estará cerrado a los no-miembros mientras se realizan reparaciones.

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Local organizations that might want to regularly host events or programs, store items on-site, borrow tools/supplies, or receive mail at Alder Commons should consider becoming an Organizational Member! For organizations who want to host a single event at Alder Commons, it makes more sense to pay for a one-time event rental fee.

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Fees for Organizational Members are based on the organization’s budget, number of people included in membership, and frequency of use. Just like with our Individual and Household Members, Organizational Members are not asked to document their finances when determining the amount they pay each month. New Organizational Members should expect to pay at least $50 per month. The monthly fee that we suggest is based on a sliding scale, depending on your organization’s budget, number of people, and anticipated frequency of use. Ultimately, our price suggestion can be adjusted according to the changing needs and capabilities of the organization. Negotiating fees is a conversation to make sure that it is mutually beneficial for both parties.

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Alder Commons is an all-ages community center, which means that we have adults and young people alike in many shared spaces. To ensure a safe environment for our younger people, we require that all Members who are 18 years or older complete a background check. Organizational Members usually choose the people in their organization who will become Alder Commons Members, and then those people are the only ones who go through the background check process. Each background check costs Alder Commons $65 to run, so we require Organizational Members to cover this one-time cost.

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If you are participating in a lot of programs as an individual, in ways that are unrelated to your organization’s purpose for using the space, we ask that you also become an Individual Member at Alder Commons.

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Below are some examples of our current Organizational Members and how they benefit from their membership at Alder Commons.

Atabey Medicine, a BIPOC herbalism program, hosts weekly events in the space during the evenings, and stores herbal medicine and supplies in one of our rooms.

Edúcate Ya hosts their Promotores de Salud public health trainings here several times a year, has been hosting regular vaccine clinics, and co-hosts Spanish-English Intercambio programs.

Portland Books to Prisoners keeps several bookcases of books on-site and operates weekly volunteer sessions in the coworking room where they package and mail books to incarcerated people requesting books.

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