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En Español: Filosofía

Our mission is to cultivate an equitable, all-ages community of self-directed learners. We aim to reduce barriers between youth and adults of diverse backgrounds by providing an accessible and inclusive space for them to share knowledge and resources.

Link to this section Core Values

In order to successfully co-create an inclusive and accessible space for learners and community members of all ages and backgrounds, Alder Commons practices and promotes the following Core Calues:

Link to this section Self-Directed Education (SDE)

SDE informs our approach to creating an environment where young people can thrive.

Link to this section Collective Decision Making

We have some tools and practices that we use to make decisions as a community.

Link to this section Resources

We have compiled some resources that may help you:

  • avoid the need to contact police
  • learn more and take action for disability justice
  • learn more and take action for racial justice