Adultism = The assumption or belief that adults are inherently more capable than, smarter than, know more than, or have the right to make decisions for, younger people, simply because of their age and the social construction of childhood and adulthood in our society, which leads to relational and systemic oppression of young people in all aspects of society. — Bria Bloom, ASDE Executive Director & September James, ASDE Board Member

This workshop is for adults interested in looking at the ways society, the media, schools and personal relationships present young people and how adults use their power over them. When we name what we’ve internalized about young people, we can start to see where we are subconsciously acting from the belief that adults are superior. Through group brainstorming, individual reflective journaling, and sharing personal experiences, participants will start to see where adultism shows up in their own lives and why we need to start changing that narrative.

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