Join Repair PDX in the Alder Commons yard to fix your small appliances, sharpen your knives, mend your garments, repair your shoes, and maintain your bike!

Due to the pandemic, we have to do things a bit differently and have folks sign up ahead of time for a time slot. Unfortunately,we cannot accept any walk-in items for this event. Once we get all the responses, we will send out email confirmations based on the times that you said you prefer.

NOTE: It does seem a bit strange to be organizing anything outside at the moment with all the smoke and everything else that’s going on in our lives right now. We are going ahead with this event, but of course will let you know as soon as possible if we must cancel for any reason.

COVID Safety

Due to size of the venue and need for physical distancing, we are keeping this event fairly small and may need to limit the number of people who attend. We are asking all participants to wear a mask at all times even though we will be outside. There will be hand wash stations and marked designated areas for repairs and participant waiting areas (if needed). You will have the option to sit within 6 feet of the fixer or away in another designated waiting area if you prefer.

Shoe Repair

Julie from JD Shoe repair will be offering glueing, cleanup and weatherization treatments for shoes. Waterproofing and conditioning and shining. Please be aware that if you are getting glue work done, you will have to keep the shoes clamped or held in place until after the event to give it time to set.

Knife Sharpening

Thank you for limiting your items to no more than 2 per person. We are doing this by appointment, and we are trying to help as many folks as possible.

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